[Mono-list] New socket async methods and SocketAsyncEventArgs?

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Sat Feb 14 15:54:59 EST 2009

How can I tell what the state of library implementation is now?

In particular - have the optimisations enabled by the new async socket
methods and SocketAsyncEventArgs been implemented?

What sort of scalability is provided for async socket IO - is it as good
as I would get on Windows hitting IOCPs directly?  Or, indeed, as
good as I might expect with NIO and a JVM?

I'd hope to be able to push 30,000 connections or so if not push the
raw limits (cf http://www.lenholgate.com/archives/000564.html and
assorted limits tested with libevent and libev etc).  I've had
more than 10k connections on an XP workstation with Apache MINA,
so this sort of thing is achievable)


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