[Mono-list] Learning Mono just like .NET?

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at novell.com
Sun Feb 8 08:11:50 EST 2009

stevemcc wrote:
> So I am a college student interested in programming. I've done some
> programming, just a little bit in java, python, VB, and php. I noticed
> theres a lot of demand for .NET developers and I use linux most of the time.
> Is mono close enough .net that learning mono would prepare me for an
> eventually job that might require me to develop using .NET and windows. Or
> are they close, but still different beasts?
As Michael Hutchinson has already said, they should be close enough to
not matter.

As a possible added bonus to learning Mono, more and more .NET
development houses may begin to favor new recruits with Linux/Mono
experience because Linux is becoming an important platform to support
(not to mention Mac). We've already seen evidence of companies porting
their .NET software over to Linux to run on Mono to either save
themselves a lot of money (e.g. custom web apps), or to reach a wider
market (selling their .NET apps for Mac/Linux).


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