[Mono-list] linkage question

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 08:48:52 EST 2009

Ryan Heaton wrote:
> Apologies in advance for what should be a pretty basic question.  I'm new at
> C# and mono development.
> So I've got some library that I've compiled, in my case it's called
> "full.dll". In that library is defined a class,
> "Org.Codehaus.Enunciate.Samples.Genealogy.Services.SourceService".
> Now I want to write an executable that uses an instance of
> Org.Codehaus.Enunciate.Samples.Genealogy.Services.SourceService.  I compile
> that to a file "full.exe".  Now, when I try to run it, e.g.:

Mono does not distinguish between assemblies with the same base name,
like "foo.exe" and "foo.dll". Renaming the assemblies won't help either,
so you must recompile one of them with /out:notfoo.{dll|exe} option.


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