[Mono-list] IronPython Running SSIS Package

Rob Weiss rweiss at chesapeakebay.net
Thu Feb 5 10:06:52 EST 2009

After reading up on how to run ssis packages on mono, I came across a how to
using IronPython.

Running it, I got this:

** (C:\PROGRA~2\Mono-2.2\lib\IPCE\ipy\ipy.exe:4420): WARNING **:
ilder marshalling conversion 29 not implemented
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS, line unknown, in .ctor
NotImplementedError: string/stringbuilder marshalling conversion 29 not

** (C:\PROGRA~2\Mono-2.2\lib\IPCE\ipy\ipy.exe:4420): WARNING **: Shutting
down f
inalizer thread timed out.

Does anyone have any idea as to why/what is causing this issue? I have the
same problem when running against the same dll using a C# implementation of
the same code that is executing in IronPython.

I figured that if there was a IronPython article on how to run ssis
packages, that it would work, so I think it must be a config problem on my

My dev box is Windows running Mono 2.2 and my prod box id RHEL running Mono
2.2 - what could be wrong? I am finding the DLLs ok, otherwise I would not
be getting this far.

Help!! It I can get it to work in any fashion, I will publish the code for
everyone to use, so they don't suffer my frustrations!!

Rob Weiss
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