[Mono-list] Npgsql 2.0.8 released!

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. francisco at npgsql.org
Sun Dec 27 23:30:14 EST 2009

Hi, all!!

The Npgsql Development Team is proud to announce the Npgsql2 2.0.8 release!

Npgsql is a .Net Data provider written 100% in C# which allows .net
programs to talk to postgresql backends. Npgsql is licensed under BSD.
More info can be obtained from http://www.npgsql.org

This release is a minor bug fix for the stable 2.0 series.

The biggest highlights are:

        Work in progress for the bug reported in message 1005698. Josh
is working to provide a much more solid fix for this.
        Josh started to add support for better type handling of Npgsql
types and CLR types. This way, Npgsql users will be able to get values
in either Npgsql specific types, like NpgsqlTimeTZ, or CLR type, like

And many bug fixes:

 Initial support for bug fix reported in message 1005698.  The fix
changes valid sql that produced	  incorrect results to sometimes valid
sql that produced correct results when valid.	Also contains work in
progress to resolve the invalid sql. (Josh Cooley)
        [#1010727] Entity framework exception if null inserted in XML
column Changed null handling so that the value is only type cast when
used in a select clause.
        [#1010673] syntax error in queries generated by entity
framework 2.0.6 ms.net sp1 Changed the filter handling to better work
when subqueries in joins.
        [#1010687] Spelling error in NpgsqlCommand Object command
timeout exception.
        Added method AddWithValue and made Add(String, object)
obsolete and this was causing ambiguity problems with Add and
NpgsqlDbType and DbType. See
and http://pgfoundry.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1010715&group_id=1000140&atid=592
for more details. Thanks Gildas (prime.gildas @nospam@ gmail.com)	
for heads up and discussion about that. Note that the issue of adding
a new method which takes a DbType parameter is not finished yet. We
should check if this is still needed. Updated documentation to not use
DbType in the examples.
        Bug: Money to Decimal conversion. Fixed problem where negative
money values weren't being returned correctly. Thanks Denis Moinel
(denis.moinel @nospam@ gmail.com) for heads up and patch. See
http://pgfoundry.org/forum/message.php?msg_id=1005647 for more info.
        Fix time zone parsing bug reported in message 1005627.	Now
handle negative timezones correctly.
        Fixed a bug where Npgsql wasn't honoring the connectiontimeout
on Startup method. See
http://pgfoundry.org/forum/message.php?msg_id=1005603 for more info.
Thanks chaitra p (cpadsalgi @nospam@ peak6.com) for heads up.

You can see full changelog and release notes here:

You can dowload it from here: http://downloads.npgsql.org

Thank you to Josh Cooley for all his help with entity framework support!

Thank you to all who sent feedbacks, suggestions and patches.
You helped to make this release.

Please, feel free to give it a try and let us know if you find any
other problems.

Also, if you like Npgsql and want to show how much you like it, send
us a postcard!


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.
Npgsql Lead Developer

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