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Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 14:19:04 EST 2009


I do this question in both lists, Mono and Monodevelop, because of my
problem applies in both.

I went test the new flavours that comes with Mono, WCF support, but I have
some problems to test it.

First, it's possible to add a service reference in Monodevelop? Not yet,
right? If I try to add in Web references, it does not allow adding an URL in
format http:// (or net.tcp//) my_address/Service.svc

Ok, I try to test an WCF app, but when I try to host it, an error 404
appears. I try to change the URL to http://my_addr/Service.svc?wsdl but an
error 500 appears, Application error.

Ok, I change in web.config Bindings section, setting the binding
configuration to basicHttpBinding (instead of wsHttpBinding), running it,
changing the url to http://my_addr/Service.svc?wsdl, and now does not appear
an 500 Application Error, but appears an XML indicating that an schema does
not exists.

Finally, I run svcutil http://my_addr/Service.svc?wsdl, It tries to get
service information using DISCO, but it fails. Later, it tries to get
service information using other method (I dont remember) but it stands wait
for long time.

What I'm doing bad?

Someone can help me to host correctly a WCF service in Mono?

How can I write a client program to test my service after hosted correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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