[Mono-list] Two questions/wishes related to mod_mono and AutoHosting

Maxim makska at yandex.ru
Sat Dec 19 14:29:58 EST 2009


I have 2 very important questions about using Mono for mass hosting.

1) Are there any possibilities to set up two or more global mod_mono
instances for AutoHosting?
For example 25 websites serves by global1 mod-mono-server instance, and
25 by global2.

2) Are there any possibilities to set up AutoHosting with AddHandler
mode instead of SetHandler?
It would better to serve static files by Apache or other mature
webserver (It decreases load of mod-mono-server and improves speed).

It would be real great features! It will break limit for about 100-200
mono websites for one server with which I've faced with.

I will highly appreciate any help and suggestions!

With best wishes,
Max Karavaev

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