[Mono-list] [mono 2.6] Build failure

BERTRAND Joël jkb at systella.fr
Fri Dec 18 17:11:12 EST 2009

	Some news, and same bug with 2.6.1.

	I have tried to rebuild mono 2.6.1 with debug symbols and without 
sigaltstack and I don't see where is the mistake. gdb doesn't return any 
usable backtrace. I have tried to analyze 'post mortem' core with the 
same result. As error is a bus error and doesn't occur on amd64, I 
suspect a bad memory alignement.

	Thus, I have build 2.6.1 on an amd64 workstation to obtain 
mcs/class/System.Web/System.Web/UplevelHelper.cs because nothing seems 
to be arch specific. I have copied this file into sparc server and 
restarted build process that ends without other error.

	This installation seems to work. I have successfully build xsp with it.

	I have no idea to fix bus error, but I can do some tests. Two weeks 
ago, I have built a 2.6 prerelease on the same sparc server without any 



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