[Mono-list] HttpHandler and 2.4.3+

Tiaan Geldenhuys tagdev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 12:12:21 EST 2009

I think it should not have worked previously with your config.  Try something like...

<add verb="*" path="remote/*/*/*,remote/*/*,remote/*,remote" type="Willow.Cms.Common.WebServiceHandler, Willow.Cms.Common" />

If that doesn't work, then it might be a bug.

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Last week I have upgraded my systems to 2.4.3 and one to the new 2.6, together with monodevelop 2.2. First of all, it works like a breeze! Very cool, and I'm very happy with these releases, and thanks allot to the Mono team! But, I do think I found a possible bug. Before i was running 2.0.1 and a 2.4.2-3. I created a HttpHandler system in which I can dynamically add services. One of these services is a trackback system for a mailinglist. The mailing has an url in it to an image, which is handled by the service. Such an url looks like this:


The idea is that "remote" is the httphandler, and trackmm is a dynamically added service to this. This service can 'decode' the id's, do some database action and reply with a 1x1 gif image. This works on 2.0.1 till 2.4.2-3. In apache i have an empty folder named remote, so it can send the request to mono. No problem here. Now i have the 2.4.3 and 2.6 mono installed, and I get an 'The resource cannot be found' exception when calling this url. After testing, i noticed that calling "http://www.willow-net.nl/remote/trackmm" does call the service, but when i add an / to it, it wont. So, it looks like, the newer versions doesn't allow any extra's in the path. Here is my httphandler definition in Web.Config:

<add verb="*" path="remote/*" type="Willow.Cms.Common.WebServiceHandler, Willow.Cms.Common" />

So, now its the question, is this a bug? Or is this the way it should have been working in the past?



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