[Mono-list] Thread Pool issues

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Dec 11 17:00:34 EST 2009


> The problem is we have a web service using mod_mono on Apache
> 2.2.13.  The problem occurs when a lot of simultaneous web requests come in,
> and/or we spawn a lot of background threads (by "a lot" I mean about 20-25). 
> At this time, one of our web service threads gets a ThreadAbortException,
> and httpd's error_log says:
> "[Tue Nov 24 21:12:21 2009] [error] Maximum number (20) of concurrent
> mod_mono requests to /tmp/mod_mono_dashboard_default_2.lock reached.
> Dropping request."

We recently found a threadpool leak that could cause threads from the
pool to be leaked and lost forever.   I no longer remember the
conditions under which this happened.

The fix is available on 2.6, would you mind testing it?

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