[Mono-list] Novell.Directory.Ldap

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Dec 11 16:57:24 EST 2009


     I think you are going to need to ask the iFolder people where they
are getting their Novell.Directory.Ldap assembly from, it is definitely
not the one that we ship with mono as our versions do not match this

> ** (/usr/local/bin/SimiasServerSetup.exe:25211): WARNING **: The 
> following assembly referenced from /usr/local/bin/SimiasServerSetup.exe 
> could not be loaded:
>       Assembly:   Novell.Directory.Ldap    (assemblyref_index=8)
>       Version:
>       Public Key: 8584aae3c70e794b

They are not only using a different version of the assembly, it is also
a different public key, so chances is that they are building a newer
version, and this is not the one we bundle with Mono.

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