[Mono-list] Malfunction of the DataGridView.

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Fri Dec 11 16:48:20 EST 2009

Please file bug reports and/or submit patches.

Amyco wrote:
>  http://old.nabble.com/file/p26751509/DataGridViewApp2.rar
> DataGridViewApp2.rar 
> Unfortunately it was too good ...
> There are other problems with the DataGridView.
> I attached a small test application that runs on MS Framework but not in
> Mono 2.6.
> My application is very simple. Its purpose is to display DataTable in the
> DataGridView and edit the numerical data it contains.
> My application contains a Form1 class to the GUI that contains primarily
> the DataGridView and a few buttons. It also contains a class Series which
> contains a DataTable and a few small functions : New to create an
> instance, SetData to generate data in the table, GetData for read access
> to the table, Clear to clear the table and a Color property.
> Four Series objects are instantiated by Form1.Load, which correspond to
> the four color red, green, blue and black. The red series is selected.
> Load series button generates the data for the selected series. Each series
> generates different data (see code).
> Under Microsoft’s Framework, everything works well as can be seen.
> Under MONO 2.6 the last line of data (Key = 019) is not displayed.
> Well. Select the last cell in « Axe X » column ⇒ crash.
> Second test under MONO 2.6 : Run appli and select Blue series. Select
> first cell in « Axe X », two lines appear in the grid. Enter 1 and Tab at
> the keyboard, Six lines appear in the grid and value 1 is lost. This is
> not good.
> Do you have a solution ?
> Many thanks

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