[Mono-list] DllNotFoundException on Mono Windows

Damien maitredede at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 06:52:35 EST 2009


I have a DllImportException when I try to call a DllImport function, from a
dll that is not in current program path but in environement path that I have
set a few lines of code above the call...

I'm using :
Mono version 2.4.3
Windows 7 Ultimate x86

I alter the Environement path this way :
string current = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("path",
current += ";" + newpath;
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("path", current,

Then I have a call to my dll, but I have a DllNotFoundException.

It seems that Mono does not take in account the modified path when searching
the dll.

Does someone have idea if it is a bug or a simple mistake from me ?

It works well using microsoft framework.


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