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Mon Aug 31 03:33:45 EDT 2009

2009/8/31 Danny Haak <danny.haak at nedap.com>:
> Hi Glenn,
> My experience is that serial ports work using the same code in Windows
> and Linux - with the only change being the port name. Does your serial
> device need RTS/CTS lines? Are they set right? Is the timeout set
> correctly?
It is true i forget this , setting not always same, i suggest you to
write them, with same as the one under Windows(parity, speed, bit stop
, rts, end line ........)
> Best regards,
> Danny Haak
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> We have a peice of code that is working without a hitch on windows.
> However on Mono (Ubuntu Jaunty; runtime 2.4) We get nothing. No
> exceptions, no errors but also its not connecting. Are there any
> settings or configuration options, any gotchas that i need to know when
> handling Serial ports on Mono on Linux? We have switched our code to use
> the ubuntu device name (/dev/ttyS1) and have verified the device exixts
> and works on that port, weve tested with PUTTY.
> Thanks
> Glenn R. Martin
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