[Mono-list] CPUID??

Thomas Jam Pedersen thomas at 3Djam.com
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Dear Corscaria.

I agree with Chris.

> Implementing a DRM scheme in an IL-based language seems rather pointless

I think the following DRM protection would be a lot easier and much safer: (but it requires that your end user has Internet access when they start your application)

The Roozz pluign has a feature where it can download the main .exe file to memory and launch the application from memory, thus the main .exe file is never saved to disk. This way you can make sure that only people with the right credentials get access to your application. Also if you have some secrete code in that main .exe file then it is a little harder for hackers to reverse engineer that file, since it is never saved to disk. (but of cause they can make a memory dump and dissect it)
To avoid that crackers make illegal copies of your product and distribute it, you will have to pay a little extra for the RoozzDRM product, which will mutate the main .exe file continuously. And the main .exe file will communicate back to the server to make sure it is the this .exe file is indeed from you and not some cracked version.


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On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Corscaria<ivier at hotmail.com> wrote:
> How would i get CPUID or any other hardware specific unique identifiers under
> mono? Normally i would get this from System.Management, but this isn't
> availible under mono. I am absolutely trying to aviod having to PInvoke an
> external library, as i dont want to, nor have the ability to compile a
> library for every OS mono runs on. I dont mind having to run different
> routine depending on wether it's mono or dotnet, just need it purely
> managed;

I am assuming you are inquiring specifically about Linux here.  The
ability to obtain the ID of the CPU(s) in a box is something that must
be supported by the kernel.  I do not think many stock distribution
kernels have this feature enabled, since it's not terribly useful in
the Linux world.

There may be other pieces of hardware you could look at, like hard
drives, but the way to obtain that info is likely do vary based on a
bunch of factors, like hardware vendors, Linux kernel version, Linux
kernel compilation options, and distribution.

> And incase you are wondering, i need it for a DRM scheme for my
> applications.

Implementing a DRM scheme in an IL-based language seems rather
pointless, given how easily IL is reverse-engineered.

Chris Howie
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