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Kiel Wadner wadnerk at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 22:39:20 EDT 2009

The paradigm of programming with Mono is slightly different than the C/C++
world.  You can create libraries and have them linked to an executable. 
They will be come out as a .dll, but don't let that fool you - you can still
run it on Linux.  You can also drop that .dll on a Windows box and it will
run without modification (for the most part).  The reverse is true too.  I
can take a .dll library file compiled with .NET in the windows world and
drop it on a Linux box and for the most part expect its going to work
without modification.

It doesn't end there.  I can take a C# assembly written and compiled via
Mono on Linux, drop it on a Windows box and use it via IronPython or VB.Net. 
If it is a .Net language, you can simply reference it (same idea as
linking), include the namespace and start using it.  No COM+, no funky .defs
or any of that craziness.

When something is compiled via Mono/.Net it doesn't go to machine code.  It
is compiled to byte code.. something similar in nature to assembly.  This
byte code is compatible no matter what platform, or language was used - it
becomes the same thing.  JIT - or Just In Time compilation takes things the
last mile.

Yes, it is possible for managed code (.Net/Mono) to call un-managed (aka
native) code.  It is less common for the reverse to be done, but this is
less common.  Check out this search link for more information: 

Try not to let the initial difference scare you.  Mono/.Net is quite
powerful and useful once the concepts of how things are done are fully
understood.  You can review articles on the MSDN that talk about C#/ .net
basics and a lot of what you read will apply to the Mono world.

swap4575 wrote:
> Hi
> I am very new to Mono and have some doubts about it.  Can Mono be used to
> create an .so or .a library on Linux so that it can be used with C/C++
> code.  I have tried many configurations in the IDE, but everytime would
> end up getting an Windows DLL on Linux box.  Is it possible to create such
> library?  If yes, can i use it directly like other shared objects or
> archives?
> I tried searching for the same on forums, but couldnt find a thread which
> will address my concerns. 
> Regards
> Swapneel

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