[Mono-list] USB hardware detection using Mono on Linux

Danny Haak danny.haak at nedap.com
Tue Aug 18 06:06:50 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I am currently writing a piece of software that needs to detect which
USB devices are attached to the computer. Event-based notifications of
attaching and detaching hardware while the software is running is nice,
but not required.

I first used DeviceKit-Sharp (by Ben Gamari), but when observing a bug
and asking the DeviceKit mailing-list, Kay Sievers answered: "The
DeviceKit daemon is dead and will not run, or be installed on any usual
system. You need to use libudev, or the GUdev to retrieve this
information." This is a pity, because DeviceKit was working nicely,
despite the bug in the daemon.

I can't find any Mono-bindings for libudev, and diving deeper in the
documentation, libudev seems quite low-level and talking to HAL. Looking
for HAL abstractions, I discovered that HAL will be obsolete as well in
the near future. This leaves me completely confused about 'the way to
go' for hardware detection in Mono on Linux. Is there anybody who can
suggest a (sort of) future-proof approach to this?

Thanks, best regards,
Danny Haak

Product Developer RFID (UHF)
Nedap Retail Support
e: danny.haak at nedap.com
t: +31 544 471568

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