[Mono-list] Status of printing on Mono?

William Garrison mono at mobydisk.com
Sun Aug 9 08:42:42 EDT 2009

I have a project that needs printing, and I have to decide if I should 
attempt to do this in Mono, or if I should use something else (GTK#? A 
PDF generator?)  Mono's printing seems incomplete, but I want to know 
how close it is and if there are workarounds for the missing stuff.

My specific blocking issues are: Mono for Linux always sets the paper 
size to A4.  Mono for OSX always tells me I have no printers.  Mono for 
Windows works just fine.  Landscape doesn't work either.

I'm trying to understand the the Mono Class Status Pages, but it is hard 
to tell if something really "works".  Sometimes something looks to be 
implemented, but something underlying it that it is dependent on is 
not.  So it may look like a feature works, but it doesn't.  For example, 
in System.Drawing, both PaperSize and PageSettings look to be 
implemented.  And PrinterSettings shows that the DefaultPageSettings and 
PaperSizes property is complete.  But they aren't actually impacting the 
printing.  So... I'm not sure if I would call that implemented.

Overall, should I be trying to find workarounds for these bugs?  Or 
should I just use something else to print and be done with it?

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