[Mono-list] Some issues with mono 2.0

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Sat Sep 27 07:28:08 EDT 2008

Maxim wrote:
> Hmm, it seems like we solved problem just partially.
> With
> MonoMaxActiveRequests 10
> MonoMaxWaitingRequests 100
> settings there are a lot messages like "Maximum number (10) of
> concurrent mod_mono requests to
> /tmp/mod_mono_dashboard_nike-outdoor.ru_2.lock reached. Droping request."
> and some visitors get "Service Temporary Unavailable" error.

Well that's exactly what's going to happen when you limit the number of 
connections --- the hope is that with a reasonably large 
MonoMaxWaitingRequests it doesn't happen often.

> Is option "MonoMaxWaitingRequest" implemented?

Yes. (I did it myself...)

If you access a page during high load and see your browser waiting with 
no response for a while, that's MonoMaxWaitingRequest in action holding 
onto the request until it gets a chance to be processed.

> Is the only way to solve this situation in upgrading server CPU?

Anything that will make your site process requests faster (which might 
involve improving mono like finding out why more concurrency causes 
problems, etc.).

- Josh Tauberer


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 > Best wishes,
 > Max Karavaev
 >> Hello!
 >> It seems like we solved this problem.
 >> Joshua is right.
 >> Settings
 >> MonoMaxActiveRequests 10
 >> MonoMaxWaitingRequests 100
 >> fixed exponentially grow of connections by reducing concurrent 
 >> On other server with two dual core xeons this problem never appear, but
 >> for other with single core duo 2 these settings are very important.
 >> And settings
 >> MonoAutoRestartMode Requests
 >> MonoAutoRestartRequests 10000
 >> reduce memory consumption by restarting hight loaded websites.
 >> May be with compacting GC this option become obsolete. I've never seen
 >> such a situation on IIS+.Net.
 >> It would be great to write some tips about these situations on mod_mono
 >> FAQ page.
 >> Thanks a lot for help!
 >> All the best,
 >> Max Karavaev
 >>> Hello Maxim,
 >>>     We are unaware of this problem, do you think you could provide a
 >>> test case that illustrates this problem so we can look into it?
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