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Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Thu Sep 25 05:41:55 EDT 2008

How do you precisely enter debugger commands on mdb?

Make sure to pass the name of the exe file to the debugger.

And make sure to compile your code with (g)mcs -debug option to
generate debugger symbol files (*.mdb).

Atsushi Eno

Daniel Soto wrote:
> Hello mono community!
> I have doubts about use of mono debuger. I installed it compiling from
> sources, then installing the dll's of debugger into the gac
> (Mono.Debugger.Cecil, etc).
> But when I try to debug a program, (for example, typing the "step"
> command) it show the following error
> Error: No target.
> Only with the command "run" works, and runs the program.
> I think that something I'm doing bad, but i'm not clear about what.
> Can somebody help me?
> Thanks!
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