[Mono-list] Some issues with mono 2.0

Maxim makska at yandex.ru
Thu Sep 25 04:56:48 EDT 2008


It seems like we solved this problem.
Joshua is right.

MonoMaxActiveRequests 10
MonoMaxWaitingRequests 100
fixed exponentially grow of connections by reducing concurrent processes.
On other server with two dual core xeons this problem never appear, but
for other with single core duo 2 these settings are very important.

And settings
MonoAutoRestartMode Requests
MonoAutoRestartRequests 10000
reduce memory consumption by restarting hight loaded websites.
May be with compacting GC this option become obsolete. I've never seen
such a situation on IIS+.Net.

It would be great to write some tips about these situations on mod_mono
FAQ page.

Thanks a lot for help!

All the best,
Max Karavaev

> Hello Maxim,
>     We are unaware of this problem, do you think you could provide a
> test case that illustrates this problem so we can look into it?

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