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Rao, Chai crao at bandl.com
Tue Sep 23 09:57:28 EDT 2008

Is Mono 1.9 available (shippped with) with an earlier version of openSUSE (<= 11.0) ? Since you mentioned that Mono 1.9 & 2.0 are very close in their support of .NET 2.0 features, I would be perfectly fine with installing any version of openSUSE which comes with Mono 1.9+ already on it. For other OS'es, I would be very interested in getting an installer. 

When I deploy my application to different OS'es, I want my install to be very simple. I cannot afford a build of MONO from source (although I myself have done it here on a box with Fedora Core 3 installed), and must have Installers for the different OS'es. We are a small development shop with zero UNIX/LINUX development experience. I am very impressed with the MONO project, and have been keenly awaiting the availability of installers for multiple OS'es for a couple of years now. The more OS'es that you support with ready made installers of MONO 2.0, the happier I would be, since it adds value to our product to be able to run on multiple OS'es with the same application source code.

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The generic linux installer has been discontinued because it was unsupportable.  openSUSE 11.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 packages will be provided for Mono 2.0.  openSUSE 11.1 and SLE 11 will ship with Mono 2.0.

We haven't had solaris packages for a long time now.  We are trying to get help getting the solaris package on Blastwave.org updated to 2.0.  HP-UX, AIX, Irix, etc. have not been considered.  If someone wants to maintain packages for one of those platforms we would be happy to add a link to the download page.

The best way to try Mono is to get openSUSE 11.0 (or 11.1 when it's out).  Mono 1.9 and Mono 2.0 are not dramatically different in their support for .NET 2.0 features, so you should be able to try your application on openSUSE and get a good idea of how it will work.  Please also see http://www.mono-project.com/MoMA

- Andrew

>>> chairao <crao at bandl.com> 09/22/08 2:48 PM >>>

I definitely downloaded the Preview MONO 2.0 download for LINUX from the
website. However, I don't see it any more. I see links to downloads for
Windows & MAC. What happened to the link for the Mono 2.0 download ? 

Also, is there a possibility of getting a download for Solaris 10 (and other
flavors of UNIX) ? The reason I ask is that I am not really keen to build
from source (not being a UNIX guru). I am however very interested in running
my applications (which I originally developed under Windows .NET 2.0) on all
available OS'es where MONO downloads exist, simply by putting the
Windows-compiled exe's on the target system with MONO 2.0 installed. Thanks
in advance.
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