[Mono-list] ListViewItemSorter property for FileDialog to folow .Net functions

Everaldo Canuto everaldo.canuto at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 04:28:03 EDT 2008

Hey Petit,

I just review your patch and I think that you can improve it before get it on
SVN. Also I think that is better if you create a bug report in bugzilla an
attach your patch, in description you can use "[Patch]" to identify that it is a
patch so we can track it in bugzilla like all other patches.

You can see some examples about how we track patches in
https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=325809 or you can see also other
bugs marked as "patch".

So, now let us go to my suggestions to your patch:

  * Indent your code using Tab instead of spaces like the rest of MWF code and
    we have an "space" before every "(" in method declaration.

  * On top of mcs svn module we have CodingStyle file, you can read it to see
    more about Mono code style. Also you can read it on our wiki:


  * The method mwfFileView_ColumnClick could be called OnColumnClickFileView
    to be in accord with all other mwfFileView methods. Also, remove the
    System.Windows.Forms. from ColumnClickEventHandler, look to the line before
    and do the same.

  * Rename ListViewItemComparer to MwfFileViewItemComparer so later if we need
    to implement another comparer class we will not have problems with names.

  * In mwfFileView_ColumnClick now ColumnClickEventHandler we have one try-catch
    that send a error message to console, I dont think that we need this
    try-catch but if we really need it will be better to prevent errors on
    MwfFileViewItemComparer class.

  * AscDesc var is also not a good name for a private member (Coding_Guidelines)
    maybe you can use something like "mwffileview_order" or "fileview_order".

  * According to MSDN, after use ListViewItemSorter you dont need to call sort
    maybe MSDN is wrong (it happens a lot) so is better to test if we really
    need to call Sort method.

  * Check also private member names in MwfFileViewItemComparer class.

Ah, make sure that the patch is also generated using last Mono SVN trunk.

Thank you very much,

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