[Mono-list] Is there a Python/Mono tutorial?

Jerry Houston jerry at effjayare.net
Sat Sep 13 08:11:08 EDT 2008

rmunn wrote:
> My employer has a couple of projects in development using .NET and/or Mono,
> and it's looking like I might be assigned to work on one of them.
> My experience so far has been mostly in Python, using wxPython or PyGTK for
> GUI work. To save myself from having to get up to speed in two new
> technologies at once (C# and Mono/.NET), I'd like to try to learn one at a
> time -- specifically, learning Mono using Python (or rather, IronPython).
> Is there a good Mono or .NET tutorial out there that uses Python as the
> language of choice?

If I were interested in Python and .NET, I think I'd start looking here: 


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