[Mono-list] Db4o don't update object

Benjamin Podszun ben at galactic-tales.de
Wed Sep 10 13:50:32 EDT 2008

Hi Alsessandro.

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 09:50:06 -0700 (PDT), Alessandro75
<airraid75 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I try to update an complex object,
> but the result is :-(
> My code is like this :
> Get the object myComplex...
> update.. close the db

What does update mean here? Changing some stuff inside the object only?
Doing that and .set()ing the object again? What are you doing here?

> When i open the db, the object is not updated....
> Ideas ???

Like JB said: The guys over at db4o's place are quite helpful. Or provide
more information.


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