[Mono-list] apache/mod_mono and handlers without extensions?

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Mon Sep 8 08:08:29 EDT 2008

Christian Hobelsberger wrote:
> i have troubles to properly configure mod_mono ...
> I'd like to be able to process ashx files without the need to use their 
> extension.
> I have e.g. a "SimpleTest.ashx" file, which should be accessible using 
> only "SimpleTest". I have created an entry in my Web.config which looks 
> like this:
> ...
>  <add verb ="*" path ="*/SimpleTest" type ="SimpleTest, SimpleTest"/>
> ...
> calling "http://localhost/SimpleTest.ashx" works without problems, but 
> "http://localhost/SimpleTest" only gives 404 - Not found ...
> If i try XSP2, this works without problems, so it seems to be mod_mono 
> configuration issue?!
> Does this not work with mod_mono? Has anyone a working configurarion?


You need to tell Apache that that URL is to be processed with mod_mono, 
with e.g.:

<Location /SimpleTest>
     SetHandler mono

You can also use something like to configure this by extension:
AddHandler mono .aspx .ashx ...

- Josh Tauberer


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