[Mono-list] re f cursor issue in oracle stored procedure invoked from mono

sumesh0710 sumeshjose at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 10:27:58 EDT 2008

OS - Linux Version 2.6.9- Red hat version 3.4.6-3.1)
Oracle - 9.2.0
mono - 1.2.4

I have a simple procedure which has a ref cursor as parameter as follows.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE "DARSTRAN"."TEST" (crsdata out sys_refcursor)

open crsdata for select sysdate from dual;

If i execute this from proc from sql plus. It works fine. Also in windows
OS, if i call from an application developed in vb.net it will work. But same
code executed in mono in Linux OS shows below error while filling into
ora- 01403: no data found.

Code used is

cmdSp = New OracleCommand("test", con)
cmdSp.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure
ds = New DataSet
oprCursor = New OracleParameter("crsdata", OracleType.Cursor)
oprCursor.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output
dasp = New OracleDataAdapter(cmdSp)

If i execute above SP from linux sql plus, also it works ok.

Is there any workaround to solve this problem?
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