[Mono-list] Linux Equivalent to Visual Studio?

Jerry Houston jerry at EffJayAre.net
Wed Oct 29 18:44:55 EDT 2008

Andreia Gaita wrote:
> I understand your desire to move to linux and ditch windows, I did
> that myself at one point. Fortunately, when I did it, I didn't have to
> design winforms anymore so I didn't miss that part much. On the other
> hand, I still run windows side by side with linux, since developing
> winforms requires compatibility testing on it's original platform, and
> some times I make apps concurrently on both platforms, when I need a
> particular vs feature to make the work go faster. It's not that hard
> to do development of an app on both systems at the same time, you just
> need to get used to synching code between the two so you can rapidly
> switch, and will probably ease your transition a bit.

Thanks for your comments.  Apparently there's a winform designer in the
works, although not quite ready for "prime time" yet.  Since I don't
program commercially for Linux, I can afford to wait for it to appear. 

Working with mono winforms here at home currently requires (dual)
booting my workstation into Windows, modifying the winform, then
rebooting Linux to work with it in mono.  Then repeating the process
whenever any little changes are needed.  Rinse and repeat.

That's why I stick my head up now and then, looking for a winform
designer that works in Linux.  Since mono 2.0 was released, I thought it
was time to look again.

The idea of a GTK+ designer is interesting as well.  I plan to look into
that too, now that I know about it.

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