[Mono-list] Linux Equivalent to Visual Studio?

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Oct 29 07:45:15 EDT 2008

> I'm a little confused about the apparent terminology difference between
> Windows and mono.  I realize that graphics are implemented by GDI on one
> and GTK on the other, 

No, this is not correct.  Winforms and Gtk are different UI tookits
entirely.  Both are cross platform (but you'll have to install Gtk on a
Win32 box vs. Winforms support which is native).

> but when I design a winform on the .NET side, it
> ends up implemented using GTK in mono. 


> You say, "For winforms, nope."  Does that mean that .NET winforms are
> called something else in mono?

No, they are still "Winforms",  and they work.  But there is no tool for
designing the UI of a Winforms application graphically.  

There are tools for desining the UI of a Gtk# application;  the name of
the tool is "Stetic" and it is included in recent Monodevlop packages.

> Whatever it is that .NET winforms become when they're ported to mono -

They remain just what they are.

> THAT'S what I need a designer to create.  Or I need to keep creating
> everything on the .NET side, and that's what I'm trying to get away from.

If your building Winforms applications then you probably have to stick
with VS.
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