[Mono-list] Linux Equivalent to Visual Studio?

Juan C. Olivares juancri at juancri.com
Tue Oct 28 21:58:43 EDT 2008

You should try MonoDevelop. It doesn't have many features as Visual Studio,
but its development is getting faster every day.


Juan C. Olivares

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 10:46 PM, Jerry Houston <jerry at effjayare.net> wrote:

> Please be assured that I'm not poking fun at mono, or Linux.  I use
> Windows because I have to, and I use Linux because I want to.
> I'm a full-time .NET developer at work, and I really want mono to be to
> Linux what .NET is to Windows.  However, I'm finding it really slow
> getting started with mono, because I haven't yet found anything I can
> use to create winform applications visually.  Does such a thing exist
> for mono?
> I can build an application using Visual Studio, and then port it to mono
> without a lot of trouble, but every time I've tried to *start* an
> application using mono, I end up frustrated and quit.  I just downloaded
> the latest version, thinking that I'd be pleasantly surprised this time,
> but monodevelop still seems like little more than a fairly smart code
> editor.
> Surely, there must be a mono equivalent to Visual Studio somewhere, but
> I haven't found it yet.  Something with a visual designer, and
> Intellisense-type help, and so on.  Can someone point me in the right
> direction?
> For a change, I'd like to be able to create something on my Linux
> machines, then port it to Windows, instead of the other way around.
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