[Mono-list] ANN: pcsc-sharp

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sun Oct 26 05:48:25 EDT 2008


Am 16.10.2008 um 00:29 schrieb lewix:

> Andreas Färber wrote:
>> Just a short notice that I've open-sourced a set of libraries for use
>> with Smartcards, providing p/invoke wrappers for PC/SC and MCard  
>> APIs.
> Greeeeeeeat! So i can handle smartcard and send apdu commands under  
> linux?
> I have a opensource smartcard sofware project
> http://www.theskycard.org
> SkyCard is written in C#, for a long time i'm trying to port this  
> project
> under linux, but it seems so difficult.
> I think i have a new chance now :)

Glad if it's useful for someone. :)

It originated from a small research project (German KVK/eGK health  
insurance cards), so it's not a complete binding yet. I'd be happy to  
merge patches though.

Have fun,


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