[Mono-list] Is this a common error that someone has a hint about?

Maser, Dan Dan.Maser at inin.com
Fri Oct 10 09:56:33 EDT 2008

   No, I'm completely unable to create a test case...nothing else I seem to do reproduces the problem tho in my full app it happens every time.  For more info - this error happens not when the offending line is excuted but instead the exception is thrown before the entire function is even run.  Like mono is trying to compile the whole function at run time in order to execute it and bombs out before it starts running the whole function.

   If I send you the whole IL of that function would that do anything?  I'd gladly give you the whole app but it's HUGE and requires dozens of supporting libs special environment stuff to run.

  Thanks for your time!

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On 10/08/08 Maser, Dan wrote:
>   I'm using RHEL4 and I rebuilt my mono from the svn head today.  When I run my app (which was working a month ago) I get this fatal exception I've not seen before.  Does it look familiar to anyone?  If there are some ideas I'd try them before trying to make a test app to reproduce the problem and posting a bug.
> ** ERROR **: Opcode 'strlen' missing from machine description file.
> aborting...
> Stacktrace:

Do you have a complete test case? I can't reproduce.
Please file it in bugzilla.


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