[Mono-list] Howto manage Vista AppData\VirtualStore folder from a Mono app?

Xavi de Blas xaviblas at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 09:04:41 EST 2008

Hello all

My app on Windows is usally installed here:

and an sqlite file is here:
and logs are written here:

but on Windows Vista it doesn't allow the app to use this file
locations, and it uses user dirs like:

C:\Users\(user)\AppData\VirtualStore\Program files

Then there are two versions of the database and all i'ts a mess

Is there any decent way to solve this?
Can my code know if the system will use the AppData\VirtualStore
folders, and then work with that folders instead of default
c:\ProgramFiles folder?


Here is the email of a Vista user:

"I tried to reinstall chronojump again and found it in
C:\program\chronojump but there are no "log folder" in the chronojump
folder. When I delete the database-file chronojump starts, but when I
start it again it does not work (As before). Then when I make an
"advanced" search for chronojump on the computer, I find a new
chronojump folder witch contains a database folder with files and a
log folder with empty text-files.
It lies in C:\Users\(user)\AppData\VirtualStore\Program files. When I
deletes it I can start the chronojump again. But still only for one
time. Every time I want to start a chronojump session I have to delete
the new folder first."

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