[Mono-list] Generic Linux installer for Mono 2.1 still missing (or just the files)

atesti mailboxch1 at gmx.de
Mon Nov 17 09:19:16 EST 2008

When I first installed Mono I was asked by the generic installer whether I
want it to modify my profile. I said yes. Afterwards many things were
broken. (Mono injected junk libraries in my system)
But if I simply say no, it will me tell many many wunderful things that I
should do, but that's all rubbish.

Once mono is copied into /opt/monoxxx, it JUST   SIMPLY   WORKS.

I don't care for desktops, ldconfig, all this stuff.

And if Mono would just drop the generic installer, but replace it with a
TGZ-file, everything would be finde.

Just simply use the full path to mono and I can run my exe-files and
assemblies just fine.

I just need a wrapper shell script:

/usr/local/mono-1.9.1/bin/mono /usr/local/sbin/XXX.exe "$@"

(And disable some unneeded junk by the way...)

A tgz file with a COMPLETE Mono installation would really be great.

With Windows it's the same: I don't need no stupid Shell-context menus for
XPS on strange ports.

Just a folder with mono. I just have to adjust my path in my build-script
and everything is finde.
call "C:\Programme\Mono-2.0\bin\setmonopath.bat"
call gmcs ....

This is (or WAS) so refreshing EASY!

I also like to keep several versions around to quickly find bugs.

Too sad that Mono is going this route. The Windows-support is now WAY better
than the linux support.

Extracting the RPMs does not work: Uniextractor and Total Command on Windows
fail and midnight commander on Linux complain about corrupt files. rpm2cpio
can extract a cpio file similar to midnight commander.

This is the result:

cpio: warning: skipped 23000 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: skipped 854 bytes of junk
cpio: warning: archive header has reverse byte-order

I guess I have to somehow fetch this OpenSuse-thing (whatever
Not-Debian-based thing that is) and try to extract something there :-(


Miguel de Icaza-2 wrote:
> I also loved the idea of the installer, but developers that had multiple
> versions of Mono installed ended up with partial setups of Mono and
> people would complain that things were broken.
> Miguel

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