[Mono-list] Mono.Simd - Phylosophical comments

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Nov 17 00:00:22 EST 2008


    I just wanted to clarify Rodrigo's post a little:

>         3) I would add more high level constructs like Matrix that
>         make use of the
>         SIMD hardware.
> We first need to expose a rich and usable set of intrinsics to what
> SSE currently has. Once we do finish with that, we might look at
> exposing more high level functionality.
> On the other hand, such experimentation should happens outside of
> Mono.Simd to be more agile and not bound to mono's own release
> schedule.
> I would love to see such extensions been build, but rather as a
> separate library which has way more flexibility in how it's developed
> - let's take the awesome Mono.Rocks as a fine example of that.

The Mono.Rocks that Rodrigo is talking about is a library of extension
methods that was created to augment existing data types and collections.

The idea behind the "Rocks" families is that they add value to existing
libraries, can be prototyped easily, and do not get added to libraries
that might have a tighter release schedule or API change limitations.


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