[Mono-list] What's in your GAC?

Alexy Khrabrov deliverable at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 19:17:20 EST 2008

Installed Mono 2.0.1 today, had two previous versions, 1.5.x and  
2.0.0.  Now am understanding GAC and other new thingies, and when I do  
gacutil -l, only see the previous two versions of things like  
Mono.Posix listed, but not 2.0.1.

The root cause is that I'm trying to compile FSharpBinding project for  
MonoDevelop, which says fix references before compiling.


When I try to edit the references in MonoDevelop itself, they won't  
budge (no editing visible to the eye except [-] to remove 'em.)  So I  
just edit them in the .mdp project in a text editor. For DLLs, I fix  
the paths, but for assemblies, I need to know their public keys.

So when I tried to point to my current Mono.Posix, I see it's not in  
the GAC with 2.0.1 -- but it was a part of 2.0.1, and is in /Library/ 

Does it mean 2.0.1 has a GAC in a different location -- but then why  
its own gacutil doesn't show it?  Should I manually install everything  
into the GAC?  What are some other ways to specify the references, if  


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