[Mono-list] How to start a C# winforms project?

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Wed Nov 12 09:41:29 EST 2008

I'm in a similar position, I would like to support cross platform for my UI 
Controls, but at this point it's too much work. I'm a 100% Windows 
developer, and am out of place in Unix/Linux OS, and add to that a 
different IDE, and the fact that .NET is not fully supported yet.


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I'm a Windows .Net desktop application developer at work and a Linux 
user at home.

I've been lurking on this list for several years and fiddled with Mono 
and Mono Develop once and a while to see how it's coming along. It gets 
better each time I revisit a project, but I'm usually forced to drop the 
GUI and start over each time. I'm probably just taking too long to keep 
up with changes in Stetic.

However, my decision to wait around isn't because I see Mono and Mono 
Develop as a toy. I've seen enormous progress since I started watching 
and hope one day soon things will stabilize enough that I'll be able to 
work part time on a project without rebuilding the GUI from scratch. 
Until then, it won't be "time for me yet" either.

I know that I'll eventually be building cross platform .Net applications 
"at work" as well as "at home" using Mono. I wonder how many of us are 
lurking? :-)

Eric Miller

Jerry Houston wrote:

> I'm planning on considering using mono professionally, even if only for 
> development utilities (our commercial products require Windows).  But 
it's not 
> there for me yet, as it's just too much trouble to use for developing 
> winform applications.  
> If I'm going to create and modify winforms using Visual Studio and .NET, 

> what's the point in using mono for anything, other than running the 
> products?
> But I'm hopeful.  That's why I hang around.  I want to look into the Gtk# 
> Windows idea, too.  Depending on what's required to make it work, that 
> interesting as well.

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