[Mono-list] How to start a C# winforms project?

Jerry Houston Jerry at effjayare.net
Tue Nov 11 16:48:07 EST 2008

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 13:30:39 Chris Howie wrote:
> Perhaps your wording could be improved then.  Saying that you're not
> going to "take mono seriously" effectively means that in your mind
> Mono is reduced to a toy/hobby/not-serious project just because MD
> doesn't have a winforms designer (a pretty big technical challenge).
> That's how I interpreted it anyway, and in my experience that's what
> it means to not take something seriously.
> May I propose that what you meant to convey is that you are "not
> seriously considering using Mono professionally?"

At the risk of perpetuating a not-very-useful thread, one might ask what's the 
difference between "not seriously considering using mono professionally" and 
"reduced to a toy/hobby/not-serious project"?

I'm planning on considering using mono professionally, even if only for 
development utilities (our commercial products require Windows).  But it's not 
there for me yet, as it's just too much trouble to use for developing portable 
winform applications.  

If I'm going to create and modify winforms using Visual Studio and .NET, 
what's the point in using mono for anything, other than running the finished 

But I'm hopeful.  That's why I hang around.  I want to look into the Gtk# on 
Windows idea, too.  Depending on what's required to make it work, that sounds 
interesting as well.

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