[Mono-list] Thoughts on Mono on Windows

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Thu Nov 6 13:32:23 EST 2008

Hi Stifu, 

> Like adding an option in the context menu (right click the 
> exe / "Run with Mono"), or even setting Mono as the default 
> .NET framework, if that's even possible.

It's trivial to do this badly, a little harder to do right. :-)

Badly: Create an entry in the registry for file type .exe,
such that Run with Mono... runs mono.exe with the executaboe
as an argument. Why is this bad? Because you'll see it on
all exes, both managed and unmanaged.

Right: Create a Windows shell extension that examines the 
exe file first to see if it's managed and only then 
display the menu item. You'll need to know COM and 
Windows Shell Extensions to do that.

A simple workaround is to just create shortcuts on a
case by case purpose. That's what NUnit does in it's
install, for example.


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