[Mono-list] Mono 2.0 and XmlDocument.SelectSingleNode - XPath error

Bálint Kardos kardosbalint at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 16:34:41 EST 2008


this is the 3rd mono-related error I found in one ~500 line web project of
mine, and it's still not working :)

I have a well-formatted xml file, and i'm loading it into an XmlDocument:

XmlDocument _x = new XmlDocument();

on Ms.net 2.0/3.5, it's working like this:

string _total = _x.SelectSingleNode("/response/totalresults").InnerText;

on Mono, I needed to write a workaround:

XmlNode total = _x.SelectSingleNode("//totalresults");
string _total = total.InnerText;

on Mono, SelectSingleNode simply returns null if it gets a full xpath, but
works if it's a global search pattern. Why?



with regards

Kardos Bálint
http://skaelede.hu 10 (0xA) év a magyar weben
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