[Mono-list] SerialPort Events in Mono 2.0.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Nov 4 15:26:33 EST 2008


> I've been trying to get my c# windows code to work on linux and I had no
> such luck. My question is: Has the SerialPort class been implemented
> completely in mono 2.0 or it's still missing the events, such as
> DataRecieved, or some methods, such as ReadExisitng?(As I've found from
> emails dated somewhere in 2006). 

There are a handful of events that are not implemented.   You can use
Moma to identify the missing features.

> Also does debugger not work with MonoDevelop as stated on its page? 

The debugger has not been released inside MonoDevelop, only on the
command line. 

We will soon have another Alpha Preview of MonoDevelop 2 which supports


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