[Mono-list] Difference between xsp , xsp2, mod-mono-server, mod-mono-server2, apache2, tomcat.

Chris Howie cdhowie at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 14:43:45 EST 2008

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 5:11 AM, chitturi praveen
<kumarchitturi at gmail.com> wrote:
> HI all,
> Until now we are developing .net applications on windows and deploying those
> apps on IIS webserver.
> But now we are trying to move to suse linux box for deploying our asp.net
> web apps. I copied a sample application in suse box under home directory. In
> konsole I went to that particular app directory and entering xsp2 command.
> Then I am getting a message that listening on  and port is 8080
> So then I am opening my app as is a special IP address that basically means "listen on every
IP address on every network interface on this system."  I'm frankly
astonished that using in your browser works at all.  Really
you should be using the loopback address ( or another
assigned IP address on your box to test.

> It is working fine. But my problem is where to deploy this application so
> that our clients can access that asp.net web applications .

On your company web server?  This is a fairly basic networking problem
with an easy solution.  Perhaps your IT department can help.

> My doubt is what is xsp,xsp2,tomcat& apache2 . What is this difference
> between them . How to start to start and stop those servers . Like IIS where
> I have to place my application folders like virtualdirectory In IIS,windows.

XSP and XSP2 are both stand-alone web servers that serve ASP.NET-based
pages and should only be used for testing applications.  It is not
intended to be a production web server.

Tomcat is an HTTP server written in pure Java and supports Java Server
Pages and various other Java web technologies.  There may be an
ASP.NET module for it but I doubt it.

Apache is a web server written in C and supports ASP.NET applications
through a module, mod_mono.  This is the way to go for production web

> I am so confusing about this one.
> Please any body help me out.

Try looking here: http://www.mono-project.com/Mod_mono

Chris Howie

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