[Mono-list] mod_mono process list

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Mon Nov 3 06:07:12 EST 2008

Ben Clewett wrote:
> In this case there is only one instance of the mod_mono handler, and it 
> it not restarting, I am sure of this.  The lock casing process delay is 
> probably in our code-space.  However it's nearly impossibly to work out 
> what mod_mono is handling at any one time.

Oh, maybe I misunderstood--- are you talking about seeing many Apache 
httpd processes or many mod-mono-server processes?

> (I don't know it attachments work on this, but I have enclosed a graph 
> showing how our mod_mono process count just goes up and up until the 
> server crashes.)

Didn't go through.

> Therefore I have to obtain a list of what mod_mono is calling so I can trace our problem. 
> I may have to look at the mod_mono source code to try and get a result 
> if non is available now!

What about the Apache server-status handler? It'll tell you what is 
being processed (as well as a bit of what was recently processed).

There's nothing doing it now in mod_mono. If you really need that and if 
you're up for it, there are two paths:

Store the active request URIs in mod_mono, by revising the shared memory 
dashboard struct so it has a fixed area to store that information.

Store the active request URIs in mod-mono-server and add a command so 
mod_mono can request the information from mod-mono-server. Doesn't have 
a fixed limitation on what it can store like the other way, but making 
the communication work is much harder.

> (Which will also allow me to make an XML version of the mod_mono Control 
> Panel for easier reading of the displayed metrics in 2.0.1...)

Can you just make the control panel xHTML and perhaps add some 
additional tags and attributes?


> Thanks for the advise,
> Ben
> Joshua Tauberer wrote:
>> Ben Clewett wrote:
>>> We are experiencing a scenario where the number of running processes 
>>> under mod_mono will ramp up quite fast from near zero to 60 or 70, 
>>> then return to zero some time soon afterwards.
>>> We suspect that we have something locking the processes, causing this 
>>> behaviour, but can't find anything.
>>> It would be extremely useful if mod_mono or xsp daemon could be 
>>> queried in order to list the currently running process, by the 
>>> external URL called to mod_mono.  Or maybe this can be done in the 
>>> webservice c# code?
>>> Can any user suggest how this might be done?
>> What you're describing is probably mod_mono starting up new 
>> mod-mono-server instances when it finds that there's none running and 
>> an incoming request needs to be processed. Only one mod-mono-server 
>> handles all of the requests (unless it's configured otherwise), so you 
>> shouldn't see the number of mod-mono-servers increase according to the 
>> number of requests being processed. Except that mod_mono may start a 
>> new mod-mono-server for each incoming request until it finds one running.
>> I don't remember the details of how this works so I don't have 
>> suggestions off hand, though.
>> Josh
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