[Mono-list] MS Robotics runtime port

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Nov 3 03:10:06 EST 2008

I smelled a flavor of misleading so let me prevent spreading such
baseless rumor.

You guys interpret as if the Novell team were going to work on it, but
it is wrong. It is rather that we can host contributions under olive
module (yes we'd be glad to host it) and *we* expect that such eager
people on MS Robotics Runtime must be also interested in hacking it.
You say rather just as a watcher who don't contribute to the
achievement than a programmer.

Atsushi Eno

lonifasiko wrote:
> Hi,
> Miguel de Icaza-2 wrote:
>> We will be implementing a few bits of the CCR ourselves, but only enough
>> to run a specific application for a customer of us.
>> We will do our work on the public SVN repository and hopefully some
>> folks can join in.   We could do this work in the "Olive" module.
>> Miguel.
> These are great news Miguel, thanks very much, I'll keep an eye in the
> "Olive" module. I hope we'll see MS robotics applications running under Mono
> sooner than expected ;-).
> Regards.
> -----
> Miguel
> Blog:  http://lonifasiko.blogspot.com/ http://lonifasiko.blogspot.com/ 

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