[Mono-list] New download host: ftp.novell.com

Wade Berrier wberrier at novell.com
Fri Mar 28 16:50:57 EDT 2008


You may have already notice that we've started using ftp.novell.com to
host our downloads.

This includes:

-package repositories
-installers (win, mac, linux, solaris)

All known links on the wiki and download site have been updated.  Andrew
(ajorg) set up some apache rules so that all links to these items will
be forwarded to the new host.

That site should be able to handle more traffic and we won't have the
space crunch that we've been dealing with.

Let me know of any issues or stale links.

Thanks go to IS&T at Novell for letting us use their ftp site.  Enjoy!

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