[Mono-list] Mono's OracleClient with mod_mono -random crashes

mimimi dimitry at artionet.com
Tue Mar 25 13:13:31 EDT 2008

Greetings ! 
Does anyone know what is the status of OracleClient in the most recent mono
The problem is the same as described in
http://www.nabble.com/Oracle-OCI-Thread-Abort--to11955212.html - a random
"Could not allocate new OCI Handle of type Statement" exception when running
the application using apache2 with mod_mono. It does not depend on
cpu/memory usage and OCI version (I've tried 10.2 and 11 on SuSE 10.3). When
connection pooling is off then an internal server error page is shown
instead of the exception. One thing I am not sure about is my idea to copy
libclntsh.so.10.2 to libclntsh.so - that was my way to get rid of the
What might be a workaround in this case - some mono patches that exist or
are there some oracle connectivity implementations that work with mono ? 
Many thanks ! 
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