[Mono-list] Nested Master Pages support?

Swaminathan Saikumar swami at giveexam.com
Mon Mar 24 13:16:49 EDT 2008

I found that Nested Master Pages actually work in .NET 2.0; only Visual
Studio 2005 didn't have support; Visual Studio 2008 does. Adding the Mono
Develop team to the loop.
I'll try this out this weekend.

On 3/23/08, Swaminathan Saikumar <swami at giveexam.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just saw that LINQ support has been added to Mono 1.9 and am downloading
> the image. Great.
> I was wondering about the support for Nested Master Pages. I suspect it
> shouldn't be too hard.
> Thanks
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