[Mono-list] Developer Needed: VT100/SSH/Telnet

Chris Nevener chris.nevener at appgenie.com
Mon Mar 24 02:26:27 EDT 2008

Hello Developer Community,

We would like to have a winforms user control, written in C#, which we can use in our applications, and offers the same features as putty from the windows platform. We should be able to push commands into the control, and process the returning output. The developer should plan in time for supporting bug fixes. 

Basically, we want to build an SSH or Telnet session to a Linux Server or other device, and also be able to, for example, start YaST. The control should work on Linux, Mac and Windows, and be compliant with .NET and mono.

We prefer that the Jscape libraries or other LGPL libraries not be used, and that a library is created where we own the source. We have a budget for this project, and would like to have you make an offer for the work. We don't have a technical design document for the project yet, but will draw one up together, after finding you.

We will consider releasing the control under the MIT X11 license after it's completion.


Chris Nevener
Solutions Architect and Executive Vice President
AppGenie Development Technologies Inc.
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