[Mono-list] HttpContext in asp.net and webservice

Peter Hagen peter at wingsofdeath.nu
Thu Mar 20 09:33:32 EDT 2008


I have a question about webservices and asp.net. I have build a 
framework in which I do the following:

// get the iCmsConnectionHandler, if available
if (HttpContext.Current != null && HttpContext.Current.Handler is 
iCmsConnectionHandler) {
} else {

The aspx page has the interface iCmsConnectionHandler. This works 
perfectly. The object which is called doesn't know anything about the 
object which calls him. Throught this methode I can store my database 
connection in the page object, cause the Handler is the page object.

Now I'm creating a webservice, and I want to do the same kind of 
construction. But when I test HttpContext.Current.Handler for the 
iCmsConnectionHandler it returns false. The handler is the type:


Is there a way to get a reference to my webservice object throught the 
HttpContext object? or in any other way?

Also, I checked the mono docs, but I can't find the 
HttpSoapWebServiceHandler anywhere.

thanx in advance

Peter Hagen

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