[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 1.0 released

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Fri Mar 14 14:23:14 EDT 2008

The MonoDevelop team is proud to announce the release of MonoDevelop 1.0.

MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET
languages. MonoDevelop enables developers to quickly write desktop and
ASP.NET Web applications on Linux and Mac OS X. MonoDevelop makes it
easy for developers to port .NET applications created with Visual Studio
to Linux and Mac OS X and to maintain a single code base for all three

The main features of MonoDevelop are:

      * Customizable workbench, including custom key bindings, custom
        layouts, and external tools.
      * Support for several languages: C#, VB.NET and C/C++, with Boo
        and Java (IKVM) are available as separate add-ins.
      * Support for code completion and type information tooltips.
      * Refactoring operations to simplify changes like renaming types
        and type members, encapsulating fields, overriding methods, or
        implementing interfaces.
      * Code navigation operations such as jumping to variable
        definitions and finding derived classes.
      * Easy to use GUI designer for GTK# applications, also supporting
        the creation and management of custom GTK# widget libraries.
      * Integrated source code version control, with support for
      * Integrated unit testing based on NUnit.
      * Support for ASP.NET projects, allowing web projects can be built
        and tested on XSP.
      * Integrated database explorer and editor (beta).
      * Integration with Monodoc, to provide documentation about
      * Support for makefiles, both generation and synchronization.
      * Support for Microsoft Visual Studio project formats.
      * Packaging system that allows generating tarballs, source code
        and binary packages.
      * Command line tools for building and managing projects.
      * Support for localization projects.
      * Extensible add-in architecture.

Please see the MonoDevelop 1.0 announcement page [1] for a detailed
description of the features included in this release.

Many thanks to everybody that made possible this release.

The MonoDevelop Team.

[1] http://www.monodevelop.com/MonoDevelop_1.0_Released

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